hello welcome
Don't ask
I wonder if mascots get
paid more in Seattle
I like this interweb thing
it even has email
butter + cheese = ?
Small is the new big?
Slow it down, my friend
J'ai NEED le cafe
J'ai NEED le cafe
Not sure why I need coffee, AGAIN
No coffee, no workee
No diggity, no doubt


Mascot & Bug Tracker

Joel Anderson

Senior Design / Dev

Rachel Anderson


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The Meta A-Team

Hello, meet Joel, Rachel and Baloo. We are a diverse team of caring, colorful and spiritual creative agents. See below for questions, quirks and profile data.
Are you professionally trained? +
Joel has spent years studying design and visual culture at some of the best universities in BC. And he's been coding websites and designing print and digital media for over ten years. Practice makes perfect and the past ten years have been a rich time of developing the practice and upgrading skills.
Can I hire you? +
Yes, we work for hire. We'll work for you provided that you run a human-friendly enterprise. No pyramid schemes, tupperware or gangster websites though.
What about a Meta B-Team? +
No one likes being on the B-Team so that's definitely a big "NO." We refuse to even consider the idea. No one should have to say, "I work on the B-Team."
What is Joel's favorite food? +
Ever since Joel was born it's been jello. Joel delights in everything about jello. In 2012 Joel caused some friction when he suggested to the team that the company be called "Jello Website Publishing."
What can Meta do? +
Website strategy
WordPress websites
Drupal websites
Original visual concepts
Responsive design
Mobile-friendly design
One page websites
Video creation
Logo Design
Social media management
Graphic design
Print media design
What's the deal with Baloo? +
The deal with Baloo is... he's got issues. His life as a mascot brought on something of a mid-life crisis. For years it was, "Hey, so you're a mascot?" And no one knew the real dog inside. Except Baloo. Now he's on a journey to channel the inner dog.
What is Rachel's favorite color? +
In the summer of 99 it was dark gray. Then she went to Vegas and everything changed. Since then it's been a whole new Rachel. New language. New food. New color. The new color is light-gray. Don't ask.
Would you cut me a deal? +
Websites are like cars. The cost is the same. The value is the same. The product is meant to get you places. Meta builds websites that are the equivalent of $16,000 to $40,000 cars and sells them for $4,000 to $10,000. With that said, we also give discounts to non-profits and charities.

Our Team

We are a creative, hard-working group of designers, copywriters and content strategists
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After years of fine-art studies and practice, Rachel works as one of the in-house Meta designers. She specializes in print media, working with ink, paper and mixed-media materials.


Senior Design / Dev

Joel facilitates the design process with Meta partners as well as the branding process. He has over ten years of experience in the field and has a background in arts, media and culture studies.


Team mascot

Baloo was the CEO of India for four consecutive years. He fought Mike Tyson twice and gave him brain damage.

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Imagination is a gift. Develop it.
It is better to give than to receive.
Business is a matter of human service.
-Milton Hershey
Tell the truth, be interesting.
-John Powers
Be the change you wish to see in the world
do good.