hello welcome
Don't ask
I wonder if mascots get paid more in Seattle
That was one fine bird
I like this interweb thing
it even has email
butter + cheese = ?
Ah, those little feet
J'ai NEED le cafe
J'ai NEED le cafe
Not sure why I need coffee, AGAIN
No coffee, no workee
No diggity, no doubt


Mascot & Bug Tracker

Joel Anderson

Senior Design / Dev

Rachel Anderson


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Joel, Rachel and Baloo work as a remote team located in Vancouver, Canada. They are a collaborative group which cares about empowering others. With hard work they've made it through over five years of practice and have enjoyed empowering others.

Joel serves as the senior designer and developer. His background includes years of fine art and visual culture studies at Trinity Western and Emily Carr University. He has years of experience doing web design, coding, graphic design and video production. He is the primary point person with clients.

Rachel has served in a number of capacities at Meta. She has years of experience doing visual art and currently helps with Meta print media projects. And Baloo... Baloo is just Baloo.

Our Team

We are a creative, hard-working group of designers, copywriters and content strategists
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After years of fine-art studies and practice, Rachel works as one of the in-house Meta designers. She specializes in print media, working with ink, paper and mixed-media materials.


Senior Design / Dev

Joel facilitates the design process with Meta partners as well as the branding process. He has over ten years of experience in the field and has a background in arts, media and culture studies.


Team mascot

Baloo was the CEO of India for four consecutive years. He fought Mike Tyson twice and gave him brain damage.

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Imagination is a gift. Develop it.
It is better to give than to receive.
Business is a matter of human service.
-Milton Hershey
Tell the truth, be interesting.
-John Powers
Be the change you wish to see in the world
do good.