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Even though there are a variety of eCard websites on the interweb, there aren't many that combine good visuals with a balance of humor and genuine respect. Naked Chimp features a line of positive and quirky eCards that are for all ages. What was needed was branding and a website.


The Naked Chimp project began with branding. A logo was developed which embodies the brand's quirky humor and playfulness. Then came the website. Once the design process had completed there were website scripts to code and the eCard-sending functions to develop. We also worked on a brand strategy component.

After the website was built we began developing a line of Naked Chimp print merch. Greeting cards, business cards, note-cards and little pieces of joy. Over the past three years we've been fine tuning the print materials and continuing our pursuit of print excellence.

For other examples of our print work, contact us and we can share more of our portfolio.

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Naked Chimp Website

Designed and coded from scratch, the Naked Chimp website features a mobile-friendly, responsive concept, anti-hero eCards, and scripts that run the eCard sending functions. Try it out. Send something. The built-in fundraising page was another piece of coding. Visitors can track in real-time the funds raised from sent eCards.

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This website features only a small selection of the work we've done. If you contact us with your project details, we can share other case studies that are relevant to your project.

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