Understanding Islam

Website redesign, branding, logo and web strategy

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Truth and Justice

It's a noisy world. And those on the political right and left tend to present one-sided views of Islam. We either hear about Muslim terrorists or we hear that Islam is a religion of peace. Understanding Islam seeks to present a balanced view that respects the diversity and complexity of Islam.


This project began with branding. The process involved walking the team through a set of exercises aimed at identifying practical brand elements around which to build consistent and clear communications.

The next step was website strategy. We asked who the intended users were and what they would be looking for on the site. What would make for a good user experience? What would be the best way to help them find the content they were looking for. We looked at different format options and began planning the navigation and layout.

As part of this project we also did user testing to determine user preferences for content format.

New brand logo

Website screenshot


The branding process helped the team to identify brand elements that fit with Understanding Islam and the brand's users. The world digs trenches between Muslims and Christians. You are the bridge.

Brand tagline

The world digs trenches between Muslims and Christians. You are the bridge.

-Understanding Islam

Original visual concept


This project involved taking a standard WordPress blog and changing the navigation and functions to allow for better access to the diverse content on the site. The site features a responsive, mobile-friendly design, with social media sharing features, easy content management, custom visual design, branding, logo design and user testing.

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